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What is Indian Fashion Jewelry?

Fashion Jewelry in India is also referred to as Costume Jewelry due to the fact that it is not made of precious and expensive stones and metals, but lighter and cheaper ones. Indian Fashion Jewelry keeps changing overtime from styles and structures, depending on the season and current fad. However, if it is a tradition, it is always alive and constant. The only difference is that it is made a lot more vigorous and fashionable today than before. In terms of materials, manufacturers use oxidized metal, wood, bone, terracotta, jute, peppier mache, Bakelite plastic, stone, horn, leather, etc. for making costume jewelry, instead of platinum, white gold, gold, silver, and other precious gems. The good thing of fashion jewelry is that it is cheaper compared to valuable ornaments. Gold Jewelary designsIndian Fashion Jewelry is like an imitation of real jewelry. It is available across the globe and has been regarded cheaper imitation of the latter. The process of producing fashion jewelry is deliberately designed to be as equal as the characteristics of real jewelry. So, its looks may deceive many people, and thus is, at times, being replaced with authentic ones. In India, jewelry is considered a tradition in some ways. It is designed to match with any attire. The color of the jewelry and the design should be taken into consideration, so as to match with the clothes. Fashion jewelry is the most affordable ornaments. That is why many Indian youngsters prefer to buy costume jewelry. It is very prevalent among college students, due to the fact that the prices are cheaper. They can also get a vast range of designs and colors that they can choose from. In fact, Indian fashion jewelry industry is developing in quantum today, and it is patronized especially by teenagers. Costume jewelry include best Indian bangles, surgical steel jewelry, tattoo jewelry, charm jewelry, chandelier earrings, chunky tribal jewelry, glass beads strung onto nylon, ornaments with messages and symbols, and a lot more. This is what makes Indian costume jewelry beautiful and trendy.